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The newly established Systems Division brings together cutting-edge technology, innovative research and creative processes from our OEM Solutions, Technical Solutions, Green Solutions and KI Analytics business units.

With business and production centres in Škofja Loka in Slovenia and Novi Marof in Croatia, the division is a focused platform of highly experienced specialists in research and development offering the latest technology from 3D modelling and printing to fibre-injection moulding and robotics — all supported by Knauf Insulation’s global network.

Its focus is highly innovative insulation solutions and the development of partnerships with customers to develop the cost-effective and optimal products they need.

A full spectrum of products to meet individual requirements and expectations

OEM solutions
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Technical solutions
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Urbanscape® Green Solutions
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Customized Solutions
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The aim is simple — to provide a streamlined approach to developing the disruptive solutions our customers will need tomorrow.

Through a combination of innovative development and continuous customer partnerships, the division has been designed to ensure Knauf Insulation is the number one provider of fire, acoustics and thermal real performance solutions for industry, ships, vehicles, oil rigs, domestic appliances, the green building envelope and any business that requires customised insulation solutions.