Technical Solutions

Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions

Specialists for technical insulation

As the technical insulation specialists in the Knauf Group, we produce energy and structurally optimised insulation materials and systems. Our plant in Novi Marof (Croatia), with it exemplary international infrastructure, is at the heart of all our innovative work.

Our entire product portfolio is subject to ongoing certification with regards to applications and country-specific regulations, as well as regular testing in line with insulation industry standards.


  • One specialised plant
  • Fit-for-purpose products
  • Specialist customer advisers throughout Europe
  • Widespread distribution network
  • Comprehensive logistics services
  • Reference projects throughout the world


With Power-teK®, ThermoteK and Sea-teK® solutions we have the right product for every application in industry, HVAC and shipbuilding.

Cost-effective insulation in industry

Excellent Knauf Insulation Mineral Wool materials reduce heat losses, energy costs and CO2 emissions, as well as increase fire protection and sound insulation.

Usage: vessels and tanks, pipelines, chimneys and shafts, boilers, furnaces and heat storage tanks

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Sustainable insulation materials for HVAC

Efficient Knauf Insulation Mineral Wool materials reduce heat losses and reduce energy costs, as well as increase fire protection and sound insulation.

Usage: pipelines, circular air ducts, rectangular air ducts, encasings

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Marine certified insulation materials for shipbuilding

Certified and tested rock Mineral Wool insulation materials are used for reliable insulation solutions as well as for preventative fire protection installations and sound insulation at sea. 

Usage: thermal insulation of shipyards, machinery and piping, on board fire protection

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