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Tailored insulation solutions for industry

We aspire to be the world’s most trusted insulation partner, providing industry with smart, high performance insulation solutions and services.


We are focused on large & medium-sized industrial companies who have the expertise and facilities to integrate our solutions and products into their finished products or systems.

As one of the insulation leaders in the OEM industry, we provide our customers with supreme, tailor-made Rock or Glass Mineral Wool insulation solutions.

Solutions, not products

We offer a full spectrum of solutions and products to meet all of the individual

requirements and expectations of all our customers, addressing:

  • Energy efficiency,
  • Fire safety,
  • Acoustics,
  • Health and Comfort.

Prefabricated building elements

Knauf Insulation rock mineral wool is widely used as the core in sandwich panels. Due to their advanced mechanical properties, and thermal and fire performance attributes our products represent cost-effective solutions for even the most demanding of constructions.

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Due to the excellent fire performance (Euroclass A1) and excellent fire resistance (European Class EI30 – EI120) characteristics of its insulation materials Knauf Insulation is a leading European supplier of rock mineral wool cores for metal fire protection doors. With our newly developed high-performance insulation board with superb sound reduction characteristics we are also entering the market for wooden door systems.

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Domestic appliances

Knauf Insulation has a proven track record as a leading European insulation supplier to the world‘s largest producers of home appliances. Our rock and glass mineral wool insulation products and Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP’s) are used to insulate all types of ovens, refrigerators and freezers, and help deliver higher appliance efficiency while contributing to a healthier, more sustainable environment.

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Insulated clay bricks

The cavities in clay bricks are commonly filled with different types of insulation materials to improve thermal efficiency, provide good sound reduction and maintain the high compression strength of self-standing bricks. Knauf Insulation is one of the leading suppliers of rock and glass mineral wool solutions to Europe’s largest producers of bricks.

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Insulation solutions for ceramic and stainless steel chimney systems

Knauf Insulation is a leading European chimney insulation producer offering a complete range of products for all types of insulated ceramic and ceramic chimney systems. Our strategy and partnership with our customers is based on continuous, innovative product development, in order to deliver premium solutions with proven expertise.

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Insulation solutions for fire and acoustic protection of machine devices

A wide range of industrial appliances contain mineral wool insulation produced by Knauf Insulation, which is used to increase their performance (thermal insulation / fire protection) and to reduce their impact on both operators and the environment (sound and heat protection).

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Insulation cores for road sound barriers

Knauf Insulation rock and glass mineral wool insulation forms an integral part of  different sound barrier systems. With its outstanding properties, especially with superb acoustic performance, it absorbs noise and provides noise insulation to protect people and the environment.

Our solutions are particularly suitable as core elements for sound barrier systems on roads, highways (incl. high-speed rails) and other important applications.

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Insulation solutions for thermal solar panels

Rock and glass mineral wool insulation in thermal solar collectors prevents loss of accumulated heat in the solar collector and improves absorption efficiency. Knauf Insulation rock and glass mineral wool is an integral part of thermal solar collectors owing to its outstanding thermal insulation properties, material stability at high temperatures and low organic compound emissions. Excellent mechanical properties enable automated production processes.

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  • Innovative development and design of new products and solutions according to individual customer needs, incl. marketing and technical support
  • One insulation solution provider (one contact) for all multinational companies
  • Market leader and trendsetter in the OEM industry
  • Innovations for better living
If we don’t have a suitable ready product, our team will do its best to create a new one – just for you!
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